New Bike Final selection

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I've been researching entry level road bikes with a view to starting cycling.

As some of you may know from a previous thread I am aiming to use the bike for an approximate 4 mile commute to work (mainly downhill) followed by an approximate 4 mile commute back (mainly steady climb with a few quite steep uphill segments.
Come the weekend I plan to go riding around the hilly areas I live in and beyond, generally clocking up to 20 mile stretches if fitness allows. Hopefully as I become better conditioned I would of course attempt longer rides.

My 3 choices of steed are;

Carerra TDF
Carerra Virtuoso
BT-Winn Triban 3

I'm at a loss to which would be the best buy to suit my needs. Like the looks of the Carerras better than the Triban but am tempted by the carbon forks on the Triban.
Short of drawing straws I'm now looking for concrete recommendations/advice to which one I should get.
Any owners of the above bikes with advice, for/against suggestions please?


  • Alternatively, would I be better looking for a better 2nd hand bike?

    I've trawled Ebay but have become confused over sizes. I have sat on a medium (54 cm framed) Carerra TDF at Halfords which seemed to fit perfectly. Looking at the Virtuso the sizes are different, eg 54cm stated as large??? Don't really fancy the idea of bidding and winning a bike on Ebay then finding it too small/large when I take delivery.

    Please help!!!