Can you help please?

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hi, i`m changing a 46t to 50t outer ring on a 105 set up, i`ve never done anything like this before, is there anything i should know? thanks in advance for any help :D


  • Sprool
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    i guess the obvious issue may be another link needed in the chain?
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    yeah, i did think of that? but a bike shop i phoned said it should be ok!but any advice is welcome
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    Chain length as suggested.
    I always go the route of wrapping the chain tight round the biggest chainring and biggest sprocket on the cassette (looks like a track set up, so not threaded through the rear derailleur) and add one full chain link, approx 1 inch of chain. Check this and if it is too tight then will need to add a link or 2.

    Front derailleur height
    If the fit is right on the front derailleur as currently set up, an additional 4 teeth will probably require the FD being raised slightly to accommodate the increased diameter of a 50t
  • spatt77
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    ok, many thanks :D