Campag 10 chainset front Shimano 6 rear

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Ey up,
I am revamping my old School racer to use as a Winter bike, its got friction shifters and ridiculous gearing 42-52 front 13-21 rear!! I live near the peak district hence need to lower this gearing somewhat.

I have managed to find a great condition Campag square taper compact 10 speed chainset and a 24 tooth to replace the 21 on the 6 speed Shimano 600 uni-glide cassette.

I believe that an 8 speed chain should be ok?
What I need to know is as its going to be a Campag / Shimano mix with friction shifters (non-SiS) what is the best chain to go for? Ribble do a KMC 8 speed and a Sram 7/8 speed at pretty reasonable cost, but will they be compatible, and if so which is best option?

Cheers Makka :D


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    You don't need to worry about chain compatabilty, any 6/7/8 chain will do
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Nice one I was hoping that was the case, but thought I might just double check :D
    U no ......... "Measure it twice~cut it once" :lol: