Slight play with Shimano 10sp cassette

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Can someone offer any pearls of wisdom as to why I might be getting a little bit of play with a Shimano 10sp 12-28 cassette, even though I'm using the standard 1mm space between hub and cassette? I also have a wafer thin washer between the lock ring and cassette so there really shouldn't be any play at all when lock ring is tightened. The play is only very very slight but definitely there. Wheel is a Fulcrum 6 and as far as I can tell, both wheel and cassette are undamaged. It's for my winter bike.

Would it be worth trying a 1.5mm spacer or a new cassette? Could be warn slightly?


  • Are Fulcrum 6s Fulcrum 5s but with custom Specialised hubs ?
  • sampras38
    sampras38 Posts: 1,917
    Are Fulcrum 6s Fulcrum 5s but with custom Specialised hubs ?

    Think I've sold the problem. Cassette was knackered. I also have some fulcrum 5's and tried the cassette on the 5 with the same result as the 6. Sight play of about 0.5mm, even with standard 1mm spacer. As far as I was aware there aren't many wheels used with a shimano 10sp cassette that don't use the standard 1mm spacer apart from Mavics. A friend lent me a newer cassette and bingo, no play.