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Car bike racks for kids bikes?

moscowflyermoscowflyer Posts: 540
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I need a bike rack for a Zafira that will take a road bike, but also two kids bikes (A Ridgeback MX16 and an even smaller girl's bike). I preferably want one that attaches to the back rather than having the bikes on top, can anyone recommend anything?


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,732
    I have a pendle 4 bike towbar mounted one which i have found is the best for me. I used a rear mounted bike rack and found it awkward to load and had to have a light board as obscured lights also pain in butt for smaller bikes. Went to roof type this was ok apart from i struggled to get my son's 16" bike on it so ended up with it in the boot he then had a 20" wheel bike which just fitted, but having nearly dropped my MTB on myself when loading 4 bikes i said not again. I have since replaced my car and got the pendle rack which all 4 bikes sit on their wheels on and get strapped onto upright posts. Doesn't matter if obscuring lights as it comes with light board. Cant see why it wouldn't fit smaller bikes as very adaptable. Picked up mine of Ebay for £70 hardly used by previous owner as like new. see link.. ... e-Rack.php Thule and halfords do similar very easy to use and IMHO safer than strap on type.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Thanks, I was wondering if I'd be better off going down this route, will have a look around.
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