Bianchi Sempre 105

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Anyone got one and what do you think of it? It's only my second year cycling and looking to upgrade, I'm not wanting anything too racey, looking for a more relaxed riding position and a bit of comfort.


  • I nearly pulled the trigger on one. It is race orientated geo - as ridden by a Columbian team. I wouldn't suggest thats its either relaxed or necessarily comfortable. Lovely frame though. The Infinito would be the Bianchi that is marketed at your needs.
  • thanks for the info
  • Neale1978
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    sempre is racing geo yerp. As already mentioned consider the infinito c2c as it sounds a bit more suited to what you are after, great frame with slightly more relaxed geo
  • The Sempre has a tall enough of a head tube to get your uppper body in a relaxed position.

    What makes the Infinito 'relaxed' which is term that's subject to the rider's opinion after riding it, is the bike has about a one degree slacker head tube angle. This doesn't not shorten the top tube of the bike...think wheelbase lengthen here. What does a slacker head tube honestly translate too? On windy days, you'll fight the front wheel less; therefore reduced fatigue in the shoulders and kneck (providing you've properly fitted to the bike by a reputable bike fitter). Also, when you turn your head around to look for approaching cars from the rear, the bike is less likely to drift leftward as opposed to the steeper head tube angle of the Sempre.

    Hope this helps a bit!
    stickboybike :D