Hybrid to full road conversion - Bad Boy

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Hi all,

I'm a bit of a noob. I want to put a road crankset etc on my Cannondale Bad Boy 9. This is my first project so it's a massive learning curve, and partly why I'm doing it, so I can learn (and have a unique-ish bike). I'm kinda stuck though. Would somebody clear some points up for me please?

I was thinking: Shimano R770 10sp (double/triple) flat bar shifters & Shimano FD-R770 double 10sp front mech. I understand it'll run better if I match the front mech as per their spec? Or can I use another shimano front mech?
Would a Shimano rear mech make it run any better or can I use any make? Do I have to get a Shimano crank too or can it be any make?

Will a 10speed cassette actually fit on the bike. Is there room, seeing as it is 8 speed at the moment? I see they do the Bad Boy 1 with a 9 speed cassette if thats any help. Clueless, is it a straight swap? I still have the standard 700c wheels on it btw.

I would like to put the bike on a bit of a budget conscious diet too, and I'd like a decent ride, so I'd rather use better than budget components where I can get a shrewd deal or if its reasonably worth the performance/weight saving.

Sorry for the noob questions, and thank you :)