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Klein Quantum - what cranks?

Dunk_911Dunk_911 Posts: 239
edited October 2012 in Road buying advice
Howdy, all!

Today I did the Carsington Duathlon. Blitzed it so I'm going to treat myself. As you can see in the picture below, I already have some cranks, stronglight ones. They are fine but I want to 'bling' up my cranks as is the accepted fashion with all things Klein...

I need the cranks to be a square taper type as the bike has an early press fit bearing job with axle that sits through the bearings which are not threaded into the frame. So, yes - square taper only and it needs to be a double, preferably compact (I live in a very hilly area and a high cadence suits my young muscles better than churning a big gear! - However I could just slam a bigger cassette on it to settle the difference [but this would make it heavier hence preferably compact] so lets not get too bogged down in the details of cadence!)

Anyone got any ideas of what I could use? or seen anything good on ebay? I have quite fancied some middleburn style things but I'd like to see what you guys suggest!

Obviously I already have some cranks so I'm in no rush so don't mind waiting for something to 'pop up' on ebay etc...


Oh also a set of deep dish wheels are in the pipe line. Quite fancy second hand cosmos or some brnd new China specials (a couple of 'larger chaps' in the club race on them with no problems so I'm not too worried being 74kg and 6'3"!) Do you think they would ruin it of=r compliment it? - I appreciate they will probably be heavier than my cosmos... :D


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