Need quick reply - split in tyre - will it be ok?

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Hi all,

Wanted to do a bike ride today but just noticed this:


Must of done it on last ride couple of weeks ago, just checked tyre pressure and still 110psi.
Do you think it is ok to use or should I replace?


  • careful
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    FWIW I would chance it on the rear (probably not the front) if it is only the rubber that is cut. You could always put a reinforcing patch inside for extra peace of mind.
  • For the sake of a few quid do not take the chance of a blowout and replace the tyre.
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    if the tyre is bulging (even a little bit) at that point then i'd replace it - a bulge means the carcass has been cut badly enough to allow the pressure to distort the tyre

    you could put a tyre boot in to keep riding it, or improvise with a bit of old tyre or length of toothpaste tube etc., but personally i only do that as a temporary measure

    if there's no bulging i'd ride it
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    Cheers guys, got a bit delayed so still not gone.
    It is the front tyre and i think you are right, not worth the risk. I do have a spare tyre here (normal not gator) i think i'll make the effort and swap over.

    Are gatorskins still the recommended replacement though guys for when i reorder?
  • mallorcajeff
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    spend the extra and get some gp4000 s amazign tyres. For what they cost I would never risk a dodgy tyre the results could far outweigh the price of the tyre if you have a big off
  • Bike-Rich
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    I may do that, is it ok if I just replace the dodgy try first though or for best results should it be same kind on both?
    Also, could I go slightly smaller on front, at the moment it is 23mm.
  • sungod
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    different front/rear is not a problem

    stick with 23mm, if you go narower it'll just reduce grip, make it less comfy, and (with like for like rubber) increase rolling resistance

    when the back is worn, consider going to 25mm for it, more grip, comfier, last longer, etc.

    the gp4000s are good tyres, they are lighter than the gatorskins and the compound is extremely grippy, downside is they have less puncture protection, so if you'll be riding wet roads where flints/glass/etc. are common then the gators might be better
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  • Bike-Rich
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    Thank you,
  • May I reccomend Vittoria zaffiro's as a replacement. The wired 23mm versions are about 8 quid each, (fleabay, planet X) and are bombproof. The also inflate to 145psi and are very hard waering and bombproof.

    Better and cheaper than continental, just my opinion.
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    Once you have it off the rim it's also worth pinching the tyre around that cut.

    If you can see white that's the cloth of the tyre carcass and if the threads are cut then the tyre may be a write off. if it's just a cut in the rubber the tyre is fine (I've certainly had Conti's with worse cuts that were just surface damage).