Rear Wheel / Braking problem

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Was out on my bike on friday and half way round it started creaking going over bumps and when I used the back brake it started shuddering and felt as if there was something on the brake pads. I limped home using only my front brake. I got my bike on the stand and tested the brakes and they seem to be working fine. Anyone got any suggestions as to what the problem may be?


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    Having the bike on a stand and testing the brakes isn't reproducing conditions on the road. Pressure through the transmission and wheels is completely different on the stand.
    Check the hubs and make sure the wheel is tight in the frame. If any things loose, it might not show just in the stand. Check the spokes for tension, although you'd most likely find the wheel out of true if they're loose.
    Also, make sure the clippers are tight, pads are tight etc etc.
  • Thanks for the help.

    Think I've got to the bottom of it. Having checked the spokes and brake pads etc, I was checking the rims and found a piece of small stone or piece of metal on the rim, having cleaned it off and just taking a spin to the bottom of the road it seems to have solved the issue.