New Sirrus Elite '12 £500 or Boardman Team '12 used £575?

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Which do I want?

A new Specialized Sirrus Elite 2012 from Evans for £500 or a Boardman Hybrid Team 2012 5mths old (used for 3) for £575?

My usage is mostly commuting 5 miles each way on tarmac cycle paths that are v. poorly maintained (subsidence/potholes etc), real boneshaker stuff, plus a little bridleway/gravel/grass usage. I'm very rarely on the actual road. I am considering that with a decent bike I may start trying to do some road & distance though.

For £500 the Spesh looks the best new deal I can get locally, chosen particularly due to the forks. I'm due to have a fitting & test ride in a few days. Naturally the warranty & service from Evans I see as a major plus.

Checking out 2nd hand options I've come across a Boardman Team Hybrid in my size, 5 months old with receipts, 3 months of claimed usage on London commutes for £575 (very top end of my budget). Apparantly still in excellent condition

Now it's clear the Boardman is a nicer bit of kit but as it's a couple of hours away I don't want to make the trip unless it's likely to be worth my while. Is the Boardman a sufficiently better bike that (if it feels comfortable) it would still be a better value buy second hand than the new Spesh?

Thanks in advance.


  • The Sirrus is perfectly fine for your commute, but if you want to do road riding, then it is completely inadequate... so, only you know the answer...
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  • .....if you want to do road riding, then it is completely inadequate...

    Strong words :shock:

    I should point out that my vision of road use would be no more than 30 miles a few times a year riding with the intro level group with a local cycle club (once I've built up some stamina).

    Too damn old to be starting serious road use :cry: