Rear mech hitting hanger

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I'm slowly trying to get a Carrera Gryphon I got cheap on ebay fixed up.

I'm using a spare 2012 Sram x7 rear mech, it bolts to the hanger fine, but the part of the mech that houses the b screw hits the hanger. To clear it I have to wind the b screw all the way in which leaves a huge chain gap. I'll try and grab some pictures and update the thread.

Anyone had this before?


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    so when setting up the mech what is the clearance between the top jockey wheel and the small cog?

    with chain fitted.
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    With the b screw all the way out (so it's as close as possible), it's a couple of cm's out at least - not even close. Before, I've just let it hit it, and then back out until it clears it, but with this bike I can't get it anywhere near the cog. This is with a long cage x7 with a 11-32 cassette with a 22/32/44 triple up front.

    I'm going to go take a picture now.