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Turbo Trainer - Heart Rate Monitor & Cadence

MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
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Having to travel for 1.5 hours on an evening to get home from work is making a severe dint on my enthusiasm to get out on my bike now the nights are drawing in and its a wee bit chilly ... not to mention wet!

I've decided to get a Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel Trainer to use during the week.

I've got a few programmes lined up for when it gets here, but I would like to understand if it's worth investing in a Heart Rate and Cadence Monitor?

I'm setting it up in my study, so I have a clear view of my PC (music/movies), along with a small program i've written to prompt me during training (Various training plans - timer for warm up, sprint, rest, sprint, rest, etc., warm down - clock and sound).

Is there anything that could measure my Heart Rate and Cadence that I could easily link to my PC (blutooth, USB Cable, etc?); or alternatively to my iPad? - Basically to provide a readout and provide a log.

Alternatively, if a Heart Rate and Cadence Monitor is a good idea and nothing is easily linked to a PC/iPad what would you advise getting?

Thank you


  • I just use my garmin. As it runs from the back wheel its gives you all the info you need

  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    You could also buy a Cateye V3, that will display it all and speed comes from rear wheel sensor needed for a turbo (wont link to computer though) !!!!... but for the money Id just get a Garmin 500 too, it does so much more and is a great thing to own.

    Also the Garmin you'll need to buy with the speed/cadence sensor included or add it on... you can get a deal with one of these and a premium heart strap.
  • Get a garmin and check out the trainer road thread. I'm not doubting your IT skills but TR is the muts nuts. However if your home brew programme is as good I'm willing to test your BETA for nothing!
  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    I run my garmin on the turbo, with cadence/speed and HRM. Think you need HRM or power to get the most out of a session.

    Not seen trainer road before, looks great though. I'm off to dig around.
  • MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
    Thanks all ... Looks like another £200 to spend on a Garmin 500 plus bits.

    TR looks great - my little app is very basic showing a countdown timer for each segment of the training plan and an audible sound at each change of status ... b basic, but does the trick. Nothing in the league of TR though!
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    If you only want this for the turbo then you only need to buy a GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor, HR strap and an ANT+ dongle. You could then download Golden Cheetah software (for free) and use that. No need for the Garmin unless you want to use it outside. Golden Cheetah allows you to create workouts and probably does most of the stuff that Trainer Road does, but for free (though I'm sure it's not as polished).
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  • MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
    I'm happy to email anyone my little VBA app ... needs Excel to run it. The hidden cells to the left contain the training programme, so you can just edit this and it will do what you want.

    Shows a countdown timer which updates for each element of the training, and a verbal notice to let you know that it has changed (in case you are pedalling like a loon and miss it). Very basic!

    Just send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you a copy.
  • Have a read of Obree's book, only about 7 quid at Amazon for the kindle. Read all he has to say about turbo training and then decide if you need to spend loads.
  • Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
    back in the day, you could get a sensor that plugged into your PC and read your HR from your strap, coaches used them to check their athletes during training to see where they were in zones etc, I know it worked with Polar but might have been a generic sensor that read any strap.
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  • MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
    Have a read of Obree's book, only about 7 quid at Amazon for the kindle. Read all he has to say about turbo training and then decide if you need to spend loads.

    Thanks for the prompt to read Obree's book - really interesting read ...
  • MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
    I still haven't bought a Garmin 500 - but after doing my first Sufferfest video (A Dark Place) - i'm going to just buy the GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor and an Ant+ dongle ...

    Previously I have bailed after 40 mins on the turbo, but with Sufferfest I kept going to the end. I was in pieces, but the satisfied grin on my face is testament to the fact I will be giving it another go .... tonight :)

    Knowing my cadence would have been helpful, but I had a good guess at it ...
  • MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
    Update - Got a Garmin 500 (Red) with Premium HRM and Cadence from Ebay ... £160 brand new :) Well pleased!
  • MacdoryMacdory Posts: 113
    My Garmin 500 has just turned up \0/

    Are there any recommended downloads/updates I should get or is it just a case of installing the PC software and doing the updates through the Gamin software?
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