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Afternoon all,

I could really do with some advice, i have been an avid watcher on this forum but this is a first post for me.

My Specialized Allez was recently stolen, 7 days ahead of my ride across brussels and holland. I need to get a bike ASAP as well as racks, lights etc...

I am about to see this bike at 7pm and everything looks good from the ad and from the exchange i have had with the seller.
Selling it as he is moving abroad and has to sell everything.

My question about the bike is to do with the frame, The gap between the upper and lower bar (excuse my lack of knowledge) seems to be quite big when it meets at the stem. Can anyone let me know if this frame is a specialized allez frame as on my previous model there was a much smaller gap.

Any help is greatly appreciated



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    It's probably just a bigger frame size than your old bike. That does suggest it might be the wrong size for you (assuming your old bike was the right size).
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    It's just a big-framed Allez, that's why the headtube is long. You need to be pretty tall for this to fit you properly.

    Looks well used on the pics so you'll need to check it over carefully. For example, BBs can seize in old, used alu frames. Also the headtube is so long that getting replacement forks can be tricky - most s/hand forks will have steerers that are too short.

    How tall are you?
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    thanks for the hasty repsonses

    I'm 176 centimetres, the person selling it said it was a 56cm frame and he is 190cm, my last one was 54cm.
    It does look a little on the large side, but i will have to see when i get down there.

    Thanks for confirming about the frame, I am only planning on keeping this bike short terms until the cycle to work scheme comes back up again in Feb/Mar.

    I assume checking the ball bearings is as easy as spinning the wheels and listening/looking for grinding/slow down

  • When he said 56cm did he mean 66cm? It's massive!
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  • ... road-bike/

    Just to compare, that was advertised as being a 56cm
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    God I hope its not a 66... I will let you know how I get on.

    thanks again all
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    Well... As some of you had guessed, it wasn't a 56, it was infact a 61!! The hunt continues
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    If you need a cheap bike quickly, go along to Decathlon in Rotherhithe.
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    Pooter wrote:
    If you need a cheap bike quickly, go along to Decathlon in Rotherhithe.