cycling glasses for high nose bridge

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Hi, Ive been looking for cycling glasses ( non-prescription) but am having trouble finding something that fits as I have a high nose bridge, and normal frames just sit too high on me. I tried everything at evans and nothing fitted.

Does anyone out there have the same problem as me, and have they found a good solution?

I'm hoping not to break the bank on a pair, spending around 50 quid perhaps.

thanks for your time


  • jay197
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    All you need is the glasses with the "flexible" nosebridge part which can be queezed in or out to suit your facial features and riding conditions.

    There is a video of this type on bikeradar's youtube channel here:

    I am sure you can get this type of glasses from around £50 or so online.
  • thks for your response and advice Jay, I will check that out when I get home ( work wont let me watch utube... boo)
  • izza
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    I have a wide bridge and therefore suffer in a similar fashion with the glasses being pushed too high. I ended up going for Oakley Radars. They have three different lens shapes (Path, Pitch or Range). The Range lens hangs down further so although my nose keeps the glasses slightly higher than others the lens comes down to meet my cheek rather than finishing within the field of vision.

    Bad news though - even with Radarlock coming in, prices are nearer £100. ... 87sffp.htm
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    I have the same issue, but have found that many of the specialized glasses fit better than alot of stuff I tried in the past.

    Having said that, a little bit high might not be such a bad thing when cycling, as your head is often angled down with your eyes pointing up in relation to your head - so slightly higher glasses might put them in the right place when on the road.
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    Apparently you can adjust (or even remove) the nose bridge section on these and they are under £50 Johhny :)

    You can always return them if they don't fit............which is nice.
  • thks very much guys, im gonna be looking in to this properly at the w/e, work been a pain this week.

    Really appreciate the feedback- and great point re: cycling position :)