LS jersey for someone with long arms

clarkey cat
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I'm selling my long sleeve Rapha as the sleeves come up about an inch short. I really want something that is going to come all the way down to my wrist (and stay there even when in the drops). I'm an XL and Rapha arms are 67-68.

Any recommendations from fellow orangutans for jerseys with long arms?

Thanks :)


  • izza
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    Would you have more success using arm warmers and short sleeve jersey?
  • clarkey cat
    clarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    Yes - I use the Torm armwarmers and they are perfect. I just like feeling all snuggled up in a long sleeve jersey though. :D
  • the_fuggler
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    Torm jerseys?

    Ah, scrap that - 66-68cm in XL.
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  • clarkey cat
    clarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    Yes I think they are exactly the same, err, everything as Rapha (apart from price).

    I think I'll just go with izza's suggestion of sticking with the arm warmers. I have a gilet for when it gets chilly. Save some cash.