bike nicked last night, what to replace it with?

boborange Posts: 84
edited September 2012 in Road buying advice
Im pissed off as i had my 7 year old beloved specialized sirrus hybrid nicked last night!

Although its not the best bike in the world it was great for getting fit and putting miles on before i bit the bullet and got a proper road bike which was going to be bought in the new year.

The bike was not locked to anything but i cant believe the balls of the tw@ts as it was in my works courtyard that has CCTV, lighting and a 8 foot high locked gate and fence which they climbed over and threw the bike over the fence, right on the main a308 into london in richmond. Before you all say i should of locked it, i know, a lesson learnt.

Anyway so now i dont have a bike so do i either buy something like a Cannondale CAAD8 7 SORA Compact 2012 or similar for around £600 now and if i decide this exercise/cycling lark is not for me then ive only got £600 invested and if i do continue then buy my dream bike in the new year as planned.......Or make the big jump immediately and just get my 'dream bike' now (a lynskey) and in the long term save £600 which would go quite along way on a group set or other components for the lynskey?

any advice appreciated, thanks