What tyres for weekend riding in Autumn / Winter?

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I'm looking for some advice please...

I've just bought my first road bike (for a long time).
Now I'm wondering if I really need to change the tyres for Autumn/Winter weekend rides. I don't commute on it - just planning on improving my fitness.

I won't be riding in the rain if I can help it but it's going to be hard to avoid cold & damp roads.

I've got a Giant Defy 1 with the standard Giant P-R3 700 x 23C tyres.

Should I be looking for 25c or bigger?
Any recommendations would be be much appreciated!


  • nathancom
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    No real need to change them if it comes with a set of new tyres and you are looking to do some weekend rides and commute. You can upgrade once you get some life out of the current ones. There isn't a need for special wet weather tyres or anything of that sort.
  • Hoopdriver
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    Yes, I'd just get the best use out if your tyres at the moment. When you do move on to another pair, you might want to consider 25s. They will be more comfortable .
  • amaferanga
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    You probably won't notice much if any difference between 23mm and 25mm tyres.

    As for recommendations for when your tyres run out - Michelin Krylion Carbon (if you can find any), Michelin Pro4 Endurance (the replacement for the Krylion), Schwalbe Ultremo DD,....
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  • Thanks very much for the advice guys!
    It's a big relief that I don't have to spend more after just getting the bike :)

    Thanks again!
  • chanjy
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    Big question actually.. statistically speaking most punctures are on wet and windy Tuesdays so if you're just riding on weekends you should be fine :shock:

    But in all seriousness keep tyre pressures up to help avoid problems 8)