Creaking Saddles

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Been experimenting with saddles and bought a couple off flea bay, one of which I quite like is the Selle Italia Pro Link Gel Flow, it's in good nick, but appears to creak, took it off and tried to lubricate where the carbon rails touch the frame, but no joy, anyone got any ideas?


  • Gazzetta67
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    I had the same problem with my Flite saddle, At first i thought it was my cranks creaking but finally got round to finding out it was the rails of the saddle in the seat pin clamp...Just been using WD-40 or GT85 every other couple of weeks and sorted the problem..(titanium rails) on the saddle i dunno if that makes a difference used witha Campag Chorus carbon seatpin.
  • Velonutter
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    Cheers for the reply, I have tried lubing everything and the clamp is done as tight as I dare.