My shiny bikes experience

tucan22 Posts: 7
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i certainly am struggling to get any kind of service out of them, wish i had paid more money for my components i ordered to receive them in good time, with no parts missing and all correct, two weeks on and still not any of the above !!!

i have had no communication to tell me when items were not in stock so have only learned when i have chased them up
no one has returned my calls with info requested about my order when i was told they would (now on 4 occasions)
the order turned up after 10 days when i was promised it next day
items were missing and other items sent incorrectly
in short i am still waiting for my order to be fulfilled over two weeks after ordering and being told i would have everything next day.
i ordered from other shops at the same time and got items within two days
is anyone else having issues with shiny bikes ? i am thinking to call them to ask what i need to do to get some customer service.... maybe i am doing something wrong !? :O(