Quick Release Skewers too short?!?!

johnsonmoog Posts: 51
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Bit of a weird one this. I've just put some Ksyrium Elite's with a Campagnolo block on a Ribble Gran Fondo and bizarrely the skewers - especially on the back - seem to be just that little bit short. I can do them up and engage the quick release to fully tighten the wheels, but there is no part of the thread from the skewer coming through on the opposite side to the release handle. Wheels fit nicely on the bike minus skewers so there's no problem in that respect.

They appear to be the same width as the previous Campag skewers that were on previously, so I'm slightly flummuxed. Any ideas?


  • Why would you want thread showing? Once its through the nut its doing nothing. As long as there are more than a few threads engaged it will be OK - The QR doesn't take much strain, it just holds the wheel in place.

    Are the nuts on your new QR thicker than your previous Campag ones?
  • The skewer's a little shorter, not really any difference in nut size (ooer missus). Having looked at the other bike there's no thread showing there either. It was just kinda odd that the skewer was very tight around the frame when I put the wheel in.

    Ta for the feedback.