"easy change" alu brake pads for Campagnolo?

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I've got a powertap rear wheel built on a Reynolds carbon rim, which needs to be used with Reynold's special blue brake pads. Normally it's on Bike #1, but if it wasn't too difficult to change I might sometimes use it on Bike #2. The main hassle is changing the brake pads.

A couple of years ago Campagnolo updated their brake shoes (on the high end stuff at least), so now the pads are held in with a little clip instead of just friction alone. The Reynolds pads are designed to work with the clips and slip in and out really easily, but the Campag. pads are a really tight fit, it seems that despite having the clip mechanism, they also use friction to keep them in place - my guess is that this is to ensure backwards compatibility with the older clipless brake shoes.

Are there any pads available for alu rims that are compatible with the new campag. brake shoes (i.e. with a recess for the clip) and slide in and out easily? If so it would be pretty simple to swap them with the Reynolds ones when swapping the wheel.