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jenny taylia scammer

danairdanair Posts: 52
hi guys avoid the bloke by all costs i sold him my trek ex8 he turn up nice guy i thought looked over my bike and said the rear shox was faulty and said its not and he played with it a bit more and said ill take so he offered me 800 i said no then offered me 825 i said no then i said 850 no less he said ok ill take and take a gamble and pulled out 830 and said thought i had 850 must counted wrong and asked if he could pay me the 20 quid extra when he get in with paypal so me being me and thinking he was a good bloke he hasnt paid me yet and text me saying hes not going pay me due to the shox been faulty to be onist i think he is fall of censored and it was faulty he said he would take the camble so all member beware of his utter ****
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