Correct frame size

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What it the correct frame size for me with regards to road bikes? Im 5'10 and 32 " inside leg.


  • Bozman
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    Same size as me and i've always used a 54/53 TT........... but you'll get plenty of replies with folk using 53cm frames to 56cm, personally i'd go for something with a 54cm top tube.

    In reality, have a bike fit of go to a few LBS and take the mean.
  • Evil Laugh
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    Go to a bike shop that will put you on a static trainer and find out.

    Probably something around a 54cm.

    All manufacturers size differently though so only way to find out is to get pedalling.
  • smidsy
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    Cannondale you will be a 54 definite (probably :| )

    Other makes - well thay all vary in the way they measure/quote sizes so impossible to say.
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  • I'm 5ft9" with 32" inseam and my Canyon is 56cm and fits fine. It depends on the make really.
  • giant_man
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    +1 - it entirely depends on the brand, every frame size has a different geometry ...