Ribble Gran Fondo size

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Hi All
Similar questions have been asked before... Anyone out the 6'2" ish (89cm inseam) with a Gran Fondo. Live down south so can't get up to the showroom, spoke with Ribble and they'd put me on an XL(56cm) but thinking the XXL(58cm) might be a more comfortable position. Any words of advice...... Thanks


  • I am 5ft 11" and normally ride a 56cm Cannondale, my Gran Fondo is a 54cm and is the right size for me. The cannondale is the CAAD4 so pretty standard geometry.
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    About 6ft1 here but with long legs, short torso and riding a L Gran Fondo.

    I'd have defaulted to assuming you'd fit a XL but hard to be sure!
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