Bike lights with a Steady+Flashing mode...

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Can anyone recommend a front bike light with a 'Steady+Flashing' mode (a steady mode with intermittent brighter strobe) as opposed to separate steady and strobe modes? I've seen a few around and I've been impressed by them. I like the idea of having a full beam of light to see by (for shortcuts along tow paths and down poorly lit backstreets) as well as a regular flash to ensure you are noticed and recognised as an oncoming bike. Fumbling between the two modes is annoying on journeys that regularly switch between streetlighting and darkness.

I can't seem to search for such lights as no one can agree what this mode is called! 'Pulse' brings up no results and combinations of 'flashing', 'strobe', 'steady' & 'solid' just bring up conventional two-mode lights!