which UK road bike insurance company can you recommend?

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Hi everyone,

I am getting back into cycling after a 7 year break and was wondering if any insurance companies seem to be better or worse than others.

So far I have had a quote from Cycleguard (bit pricey :shock: ) and ilovemybike (cheap as chips :D ) as they are the only 2 companies I know.

Thanks in advance for any advice,



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    Just done a quick quote for my bikes, but at £500 per year think I'll just use a good lock!!!
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  • gaspode
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    Check out Marks & Spencer when your house insurance is due - can't remember the exact figures, but they include cover for bikes - seem to be highly recommended by those with expensive machines.....
  • I just added mine onto my house insurance at a cost of £90 for the year. Only stipulation was I HAVE to use a 'D' Type lock. I could buy the cheapest crappiest 'D' lock and it will be insured whereas I could have a tougher than tough thing chain lock and it's not insured.

    Odd but thems the rules.
  • plowmar
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    Definitely M&S I was paying an extra £100+ to cover bikes but only up to £1000. M&S have a single item limit of £4000, so may be more if bike worth more, also have to have 'away from house cover' re damage etc o/s home.

    Wont cover racing or competitive events.

    £500 ? bike must be worth a bomb - would even a good lock cover it?
  • g00se
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    M&S are good depending on the value of your bike. They used to cover unspecified bikes under the general 'out of the home personal items' section at no extra cost if they were cheaper than £4000, but for new policy holders, it's £1000 (you can still have more expensive bikes but now you need to name them on the policy so it adds to the cost).

    Some pros of the top of my head:

    covers European travel;

    you don't need to install approved locks and ground anchors if the bike is stored in an outbuilding (check the small print of specialised cycle insurance)

    and I once had to claim for a stolen commuter bike - after giving them the crime number, they transferred the new replacement value direct into my bank account 10 minutes after making the initial claim!
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    My main concerns are theft, damage from an attempted theft, and being knocked off my bike on the road and getting injured.

    I know many times they are hit and runs, so I wonder if I will need a separate policy just for that aspect (takes out his reading specs and squints at the fine print....... :?

    My have to invest in a helmet cam I suppose these days after watching all incidents posted on youtube ......
  • Monty Dog
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    After years with M&S, renewed my home contents insurance with Direct Line - still provides single item cover of £4k with away from home / accidental damage - premium went from £600 to £350! The trouble is that insurance fraud if rife for bike insurance, hence the stupid premiums i.e. 10% of value of goods insured.

    If you want separate insurance for you when cycling try BC, CTC or similar
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    I use British Cycling for mine. Worked out cheaper than the rest with race coverage.
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