Cateye Belt Clip Mount

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I have a Topeak aero wedge saddle bag that has a loop for attaching a rear light. Now it's getting dark I had planned to use this for attaching a secondary / backup rear light - the other is attached to the seat stay triangle.

I had planned to use the cateye C1 belt clip mount, and after securely clipping in cateye light (TD-LD150) and attaching to the saddle bag I thought that was me sorted. After a few miles I went over a speed bump, a little too fast admittedly, which proceeded to launch the cateye light from it's mount. The clip mount was still firmly attached to the saddle bag.

Unfortunately the light is dead - it didn't much like being run-over by a few of the following cars :cry:

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem, or suggestions how to secure it better?


  • Cateye brackets are useless.

    I used to glue the light into the bracket with pva glue because it's sticky but flexible. Harder glues didn't work as well. Then i had to cable tie the light onto the bag because the weight of the light then bounced the entire clip off the bag :roll:
  • The other cateye brackets seem to have an extra security "tab" that slots into the backing for the light, meaning you have to depress a lever to remove them. The belt clips don't have this feature, and I suspect this how the lights are able to dismount over uneven roads.

    I don't have any PVA glue, but I like the suggestion - might give some silicone sealant a go. Failing that, probably drill a hole in the light/clip and tie-wrap it.
  • Yes to cable ties. Usually end up looping the tie above the top of the light body then down behind the light loop on the saddle bag which does a good job of securing both the light and the mount.
  • Garry H
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    Good old elastic band
  • thanks, got it secured with a couple of small cable ties ... seems secure enough for now.