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What Saddle?

taimurtaimur Posts: 173
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Looking to buy a good racing saddle. I am a bit on the heavier side 83kg at 5'9. Currently using Richue wcs Marathon saddle was looking at:
1. Fizik Arione carbon CX
2. Fizik Antares carbon
3. Sel San Marco Regal e

Ride a CUBE Litening SHPC DI2 White Blue Red, would prefer a matching color.

will appreciate recommendations based on experience on a light comfy saddle for those 4-6 hour rides on the saddle.
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2007 Cannondale F700 CAAD
2010 Cube Agree SL (Road, retired)
2011 Cube Litening Super HPC DI2 Frame, with Ultegra Di2 Components


  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    There is no simple answer as saddle to bum comfort is a very personal thing, my suggestion is to get a second hand Arione and see if the long flat shape suits you. If not try a secondhand Aliante with it's curved hammock shape.
    They will be easy to sell on if not suitable.
    I'm sure other recomendations will be along shortly.
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  • HoopdriverHoopdriver Posts: 2,023
    No recommendations as they aren''t worth a hoot. Saddle preferences are highly individual and nobody can tell you what will work for you. That is something you have to work out for yourself by trial and error. What works wonderfully for me - and there is a make and model I've used religiously for years and would never swap - may be excruciating for you, or vice versa. Sorry but that's just the way it is with saddles.
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