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New bike £1500ish

fatregfatreg Posts: 43
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I need some help if poss..

I am joining the Bike2work scheme and adding some money, so am looking at somewhere around £1500. Do I;

- get a higher spec AL bike
- get a low-mid carbon bike
- get a low Ti bike

for AL was looking at the De Rosa Milanino
not really looked at carbon (I have a giant TCR C2)
for Ti was looking at Van Nicholas Mistral

I am not new to cycling, just want to get back on the road, I did have a lovely Al Fondriest when I was younger, sold it in an act of stupidity, bought the Giant, don't overly like carbon, always feels like it could snap at anytime, new bike will be used for riding to work.....(7 min walk) and day rides, a little give is always welcome, I live by the seaside, so will occasionally not be on the smooth virgin tarmacadam.

I welcome all thoughts on what to do, I live in Dorset but am willing to travel to get a bike (I went to Leicester to get the Fondriest) I've always dreamt of a Ti bike so fear that could be clouding my thoughts..


this was/is posted in the new bike - we can help thread but hoped it's own thread may get more response!

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  • gsk82gsk82 Posts: 3,398
    Id go for titanium. If you want titanium and get aluminium you'll regret not going for it. If you have an illogical mistrust of carbon avoid it. For what you're after titanium sounds more appropriate id say.

    Q. If its a 7minute walk why would you ride it? It'll take that to get bike in and out and get changed.
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  • SFTSFT Posts: 156
    VN Mistral every time. Really nice ride and great value IMO.....
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,955
    Mistral owner here!

    I think you are the same as me about the whole carbon thing but I know I will have one some day. Mistral is a good option and if bought from fat birds you can spec it as you want in terms of group set, wheels etc. Have you seen the new Ventos from vn? Seems to sit between Mistral and Euros but the frames look identical from the photos.
  • Be careful adding money to the C2W scheme to get a bike over £1000, it's not technically allowed on the scheme even though alot of bike shops let you do it. It's something to do with the tax liability and the fact you are only leasing the bike from your company until the final payment. Sorry to throw that grenade in there.
  • Get my new ride. Canyon Ultimate AL 9.0 Di2. £1600, Excellent Aluminium frame, Ultegra di2 throughout, Krysium Equipe wheels, Conti GP4000S tyres. Job done.
  • Ive just bought a bike on a similar budget i did go carbon. Cannondale SuperSix 105 spec slightly less than the 1500 too. People do have a deception of carbon beng brittle etc, but in reality buy a good quality frame and jobs a gooden. ANother thougth with a bike of this value you'd insure it anyway right so you'd be fine if you crashed it for example.
  • @gsk82 as part of the scheme I have to ride it for half of it's life to work...

    @B.M.R. my employer has actively said that if you want a bike over £1000 (max voucher) you can add the difference.

    Looks like I'l get getting a Mistral then... bit of a drive from Dorset to fat birds but hey ho.. might see if there's a stockist a bit closer to me.

    "live fast, die young"

    \'Dale F2000sl
  • You can get Van Nicholas and a huge range of other makes at Yeovil Cycles/TriUK which is a bit less of a trek for you.
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  • ooh thanks

    "live fast, die young"

    \'Dale F2000sl
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    The SuperSix is really a super frame, even Giant acknowledge the fact in its own testing. For £1350 or £1200 there is really no better bike you can buy. The Mistral will be a comfy ride though, no doubt about that.
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  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,955
    looks like the Mistral and Euros are being discontinued and the Ventus is the replacement. The Ventus is more expensive so grab a mistral while you still can.
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