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Hi, I'm looking to buy a new bike soon and wanting to get something locally so am tied to only a few brands Giant, Specialized, Cube and Merida. I don't want an all out race machine, just something that's comfortable and reasonable value.
I'm looking to spend no more than £1500 really and am leaning towards the Giant Defy Composites as I currently have a 2010 Defy 3.5 which I've really enjoyed riding but think it's time to upgrade.
My question is based around the Defy Composite 2 and 3, they're basically the same bike other than one has Tiagra and the other Apex, and I'm wondering if the Apex is worth the extra £150? If not I can stick with the Tiagra and save the £150 to go towards some better wheels.
Specs for the Giants here:

Alternatively I'm looking at the following bikes which will be judged on their merits after test rides on each:
Merida Ride Carbon 54,
Specialized Roubaix Sport,
Cube Agree GTC Pro.
At the moment I still lean towards the Giant as I am happy with the bike I currently have my only real issue at current with the Giant bikes is the shocking colourschemes they've applied this year, as I say I'm not looking for a which bike answer, just really whether the Composite 2 is that much better than the Composite 3


  • On paper there's about 150 quid in it! In reality, you probably need to have a quick play with each groupset to see whether you like the Apex more than the Tiagra (even if it is on a different bike). I doubt there is much difference between them but just check you're happy with how each works and go from there.

    Personally, I like the idea of the Apex brakes over the Tektros, but that's my personal choice.

    Only other option would be to look for a 2012 Defy Advanced 3? Seen a few advertised around the 1,500 mark. It's some bike...
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