What are the fastest tyres available?

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I've been looking for new tyres and wheels for my first upgrade to my bike. Tyres with the least amount of roll resistance would be ideal. Not sure about which wheels to purchase either. Budget for both combined is about £500
Not intending to purchase them yet, but will definitely purchase in the near future.

How will fast road tyres affect performance on stock wheels? Or will I notice a difference?

Current components:

Wheels - Axis 2.0
Tyres - Espoir


  • I use Michelin Pro 4 Service Course tires and they are very fast. The faster/lighter versions must be even better! I have wanted to try the Maxxis Xenith Equipe Legere tires though! There only 150g a tire!

    As far as the difference goes I do have some opinions. I used to have Continental Mountain King 29er tires front and rear on my Santa Cruz Tallboy, I recently changed to Stans No Tubes, and Maxxis Maxxlite and Maxxis Aspen tires. It's night and day, the bike rockets forward compared to my old system. Tire and tube/tubeless type make a big difference! The again I cant exactly take a 340g XC tire to whistler.
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    cycling plus did a test and vittoria pro,and schwalbe ultremos were the quickest. Or at least they needed less wattage to attain a given speed under controlled conditions
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    Any tyres that I'm using are the fastest, due to my high levels of QuadPowertm
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  • The Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX Clinchers are pretty damn good. There's a slick version as well which I've not tried.
  • If you're talking low rolling resistance then yip, the Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX is pretty much at the top of the list. Stick some latex inner tubes inside them too.
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    Some kind of silk tubs would be the fastest in terms of speed. Until you puncture them - which wouldnt be long.
  • the fastest clinchers, by some margin, I've ever tried are Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX.
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    as above, the vittoria open corsa evo cx is one of the fastest

    haven't see the figure for the pro 4, but the pro 2 was also very good

    the best clinchers have lower crr than any road tub i've seen figures for - but tube selection and pressure also have to be right to get the best result, sticking a thick butyl tube in the clincher probably isn't going to help

    on the figures i've seen, at 30km/h, total weight 85kg, a bike with the open corsa evo cx has about 7w advantage vs. a veloflex carbon tub, and 13w vs. a conti ultra gatorskin - all inflated to 7bar
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  • Open Corsa CS or CX for clinchers...
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  • Another vote for latex tubes and Vittoria CXII's.

    Only problems with them is that their puncture protection sucks and their wet weather grip isn't great either. If you're not racing I'd try the Michelin Pro4's. Also a top tyre, just not quite the lushness of the Vittorias.