Converting double to compact? Spesh Tarmac

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Hi guys,

Seeking a bit of advice here. Have just got a Spesh Tarmac SL3 expert second hand (2011 model year I think) which has a standard 53/39 double on it. I'd like a compact instead in case I meet any serious hills - do you know whether the FD needs to move to accomodate the different sized rings? I know I would need to buy a new crankset.

It appears to be a braze on FD which doesn't seem to have much up/down adjustability. Can post a pic if needed later, but does anyone know off the top of their head whether what I want to do is possible?

Cheers in advance!


  • Shouldn't be an issue. The front mech will need moving down a touch but it won't be much.
  • LiamW
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    You'll need a few links out of the chain as well.