Some saddle advice needed

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After more than 20,000 miles i think my saddle is giving up on me!! its creaking more and more and i'm sure its had enough!!

my dilema is, its just the ssaddle that came with the bike, so as such, not one i chose. I never had any particualr trouble with it but havent really had much to compare it to, so who knows, maybe a different one will be much better or, probably more likely, much worse! so when buying a new one should i just get the same again or go for something different?

its pretty hard to try them out before buying! - a site for sore eyes


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    a good LBS should have tester saddles - I really would advise trying them out before buying - you never know- you may have a whole world of comfort waiting for you with a saddle that has your name on it.
  • Try going to a Specialized Concept Store if there's one in your area. They actually measure your butt (the 'sit bones' in particular' ) and you end up with the right saddle. The Specialized Romin on my road bike looks evil but is actually supremely comfortable. ... n%20Expert
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    +1 on trying some out. I ended up buying a couple 'bargains' but then finding out they weren't that great. Ended up trying out some from the LBS, and ended up with one that was actually comfortable.

    Mind you - took a bit of adjusting on nose up/down, set back etc before I got it right
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    thanks for the heads up on the specialized stores, there is one near me so might pop in and get measured up! pretty sure no one has ever taken any vital statistics from that area of me before!!! well not with my knowledge anyway!! - a site for sore eyes