Specialized vs Bianchi

Joeyboy 12
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I've posted on a similar matter before, but I'm stuck between two choices of road bike-
Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Xenon or the Specialized Allez Sport Comp 2013. I know the geometrys'
are completely different but I really couldn't care less. Ive test ridden a nirone and a 2012 allez sport
and I love both. But I'm not sure which one to buy. The Bianchi is going for £850 while the allez is going for
£725. The allez comes with a Shimano Sora/tiagra mix which I'm not too keen on as I've had issues with sora before.
I like to think myself as an endurance rider who covers around 200 miles a week, and I plan to fit clip on aero bars.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Joe


  • markmod
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    I have a via nirone with Xenon/ mirage mix.... It's a very nice bike to ride, and the frame is a great starting point for small upgrades such as the wheels, saddle, and contact points at a later date... The Bianchi is also something a little different compared to the speccy...

    It's nice to be different and best of all it's Italian!