11 speed Campag on a 10 speed ?

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Hi - I have been offered an 11 speed Campag ultra torque chainset and am wondering if it will fit my 10 speed equipped bike ?

I assume the only difference is the thickness of the chain but does anyone know if it will work ?

Thanks in advance


  • Yes it will be fine. You may have to chnage your Bb though as the newer 10 speed cranks use power torque. the older one with external BB's use UT. If you have a big hex bolt on the NDS crank arm you have PT and BB change will be needed. Are you getting a carbon crank as the alloy ones 11 speed UT are not much if any lighter than the 10 speed alloy ones. With UT you are getting a BB that is more easily serviced but special tools are still ideally needed to remove and press on new bearings.
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  • shipley
    shipley Posts: 549
    Thanks for your response. Yes the bb comes with it but I had plans to replace that anyway.

    It was more whether the chainset would take a 10 speed chain which it looks like it will.

    Thanks again