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Kuota kebel selling advice

GrahammarkGrahammark Posts: 40
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Hi guys ,
I'd like some advice please - I've been trying to sell my kuota kebel (size m ) on here for a while now its 12 months old upgrades wheels to ksyrium elite which have only done about 50 miles the bike cost me 2300 from graham weigh - it has SRAM force kuota brakes and kuota carbon crank. Overall the bike has done approx 600 miles - I've had it up initially for 2000 and dropped it to 1800 not even a bite on it - I guess my question is how do I sell it for a fair price???
Kuota kebel


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    50-60% of the new price is usually about as much as you'll get.
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  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    amaferanga wrote:
    50-60% of the new price is usually about as much as you'll get.

    Indeed, if you paid £2300 12 months ago I would have though £1200-£1100 is a fair price
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  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    Whilst I like the Kuota bikes myself, they are not a brand that command fantastic secondhand prices in my experience. I once built up a very nice Kebel and it was in VGC and specced quite nicely but only fetched about £850 on eBay as I recall, which I was a bit disappointed with.

    £1800 buys A LOT of bike secondhand and as others have said, I'm not surprised that it has failed to attract interest at that price even though you may believe that getting £500 off what you paid represents good value.

    I have a Madone 6.9 with full SRAM Red and a set of Mavic R-Sys Premium wheels (which are significantly more expensive than the Elites) and I think this might only fetch about £2K now even with this spec and the fact that it was a £5K+ bike new (I didn't buy it new mind) - not easy to sell secondhand bikes at that sort of figure and hard to sell for greater than the sum of the bike frame & parts.

    Eg. your bike (all my opinion re: pricing of course but I buy and sell a lot of stuff, so believe that I have some feel for secondhand market prices)

    Elites £250 secondhand
    SRAM Force groupset components + Kuota parts etc £500 tops
    Which leaves you expecting about £1K for frameset and finishing kit - frame would fetch about £500 secondhand

    On above figures £1100 is more competitive (you may decide to keep it at that figure of course).

    Good luck
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