Cycling through treacle........unknown resistance

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Hi All,
Had my new bike for a few weeks now (Felt F95) and just clicked over 300 miles of riding, and the last couple of times I've been out i seem to have a resistance that worsens the further I get . Everything feels free running around the BB/Crankset area, no clicking from the rear wheel, and visually nothing looks wrong.

On my old bike I had issues with the callipers randomly moving and therefore resistiing the wheel, but I've checked all this on the new bike and no such issue. Again visually wheels look pretty straight and pressures, althoguh not checked seem about right. Could it be some sort of freehub issue?

I'll be totally honest in that my technical bike knowledge isnt great so I may be overlooking something obvious, but any advice would be much appreciated :)




  • Headwind.
  • Yep I questioned that too. but alas no, its definitely the bike!
  • Tyres going flat?
  • Do the wheels spin freely when you get off the bike after feeling this resistance?
  • If you either take the chain off (best) or just drop it off the bottom of the inner chainring you should be able to spin your crankset without resistance. If that spins freely and both wheels spin freely then about the only thing it can be is your chain, brake rub (as you know) headwind, or you losing the plot (if it was me then I'd definitely go with the last option).
  • Will try the suggestions mentioned above this eve, maybe it is just me, but I am generally feeling as if i'm riding along the flat and someone is braking for me. Its an odd sensation!
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    I get that sensation on the last hill on my commute home. Short and hideous at around 12% at the steepest point; feels like someone's grabbed the back of the rack and I'm towing them up on a snowboard.

    Nothing wrong with the bike in this case, just me.
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    You running Zaffiro's ? :P...... OMG :shock:
  • Right,
    pressures were way down, and hoped that would remedy the situation. Being 90kg and 6ft2 I went for 110PSI, feels loads better, but still have the resistance and now a creaking from I 'think' the BB, so its going back to my LBS from where it came, and getting a full checkover/service/wheel true and will hopefully come back feeling a little better!

    May also get a set of 23s put on as I far prefer them and the tyres that come on the bike from factory are total pish!!!
  • A service certainly isn't a bad idea and a decent set of tyres is definitely a good one. I really don't understand why so many bikes are sold with such horrible rubber.
  • So having been in he's said theres very little wrong, tyres could do with a change and some gearing adjustment, but he put it down to me not eating enough and basically finding it hard work! I seem to have dwindled in my diet recently and i'm just trying to ride as I was but with a LOT less energy! So best get eating!