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Chains and Sprockets Help

jasonpointerjasonpointer Posts: 2
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Hello All,

I have a Black Market mob frame and last year i had built a new set of wheels but now I’m struggling to find the right setup for me.

I have the NS Bikes Coaster Pro MKII Single speed Rear Hub and i want to know if the KMC Kool Knight BMX Chain will fit on it? If so what sprocket should i have for my DMR Cult cranks? I want to try the Odyssey C-512 Chase Hawk BMX Sprocket but will it fit?
My prefer ratio is 10t/26t or 28t (old wheels ratio was 14t/28t) I don’t mind pedalling fast as i used to do a lot of BMX racing back in my days.

Downsides! I don’t want to go for Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 Half Link cos i had 5 of them so far and snapped and stretched all of them and this 6th replacement is starting to creek. On my old wheels I used to have the Wippermann BMX 1G8 and stretched 3 of them. (I tend to push a lot of torque but can’t help it)
This is what I’m riding to give you an idea what I’m after…


Thank you
*Sorry for my wording cos I’m just a deaf guy and took me 30mins to type all this out but I blame the old school days


  • Can't help with your sprocket/ratio issues... bike though 8)
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    most likely the answer is yes as i guess the chain is 1/8" inch?

    1/8" chain will work with all cog widths. but you could most likely up your cogs to 1/8" if they are not already.

    so time to start looking at what you have fitted.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Not what I'd ride, but that look is uber-cool - respect!
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