How much would you say this bike is worth?

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second hand, Specailized Allez Road bike ... 6rk%3D1%26


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    Answer one : whatever soeone is prepared to pay for it.

    Answer two: its impossible to say as you have no detail of spec and condition. Doesn't say what groupset wheels etc it has - I would assume Shiman 2300 or similar - it it was 105 or tiagra he would have mentioned it. He's also vague on the age, I suspect its a lot more that the couple of years he says - the finsih style looks a lot older than that.

    His buy it now price looks a bit ambitious.
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  • sounds stolen to me. got it as a present but doesnt rememebr what year he got it? sounds dodgy to me. for the record i bought a 09 allez sport with sora for £350
  • I got a allez with carbon bars, stem, forks, aero bars, seatpost and saddle.
    Vuelta racing weels 3x sets
    Turbo trainer
    Clipless pedals and shimano shoes

    For £450 cash

    Shows what you can get when you shop around
  • where do you even begin to find bargains like that?
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    That looks like an old Allez to me and not worth the £350 he is asking.

    £350 could/ought to get you the Allez Elite with carbon rear stays and Tiagra from 2008 (or a newer Allez if that's what you are looking for).

    For me - £225 ish for your linked Allez
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    Defo been nicked...
    blue anti puncture wheels!? hasnt got a clue...
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    Yep - being as he 'isn't much of a rider' you have to wonder why he isn't at the same time selling his road shoes that go with those Look pedals......
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    we should put the link in the nicked bikes section!!
  • judging from his buying history hes more interested in "amateur horticulture" than cycling

    'dont forget lads, one evertonian is worth twenty kopites'
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    judging from his buying history hes more interested in "amateur horticulture" than cycling


    Hahah good spot.
  • "Not shore what year, I think it's only a couple though, fairly new bike. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, not much of a rider"

    Yeah, avoid..
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    Of course it's worth £350 it has "blue anti-puncture wheels"!!