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Rear Axle issue - result of Gumtree purchase

aserotaaserota Posts: 56
edited September 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

A friend of mine picked up a Specialized Crossroads Sport around 4 months ago and it is currently hanging in the garage where it has been for months. Unfortunately the bike he bought came with an absolute mountain of problems and it seems everytime something is fixed another problem appears.

The bike was taken to Halfords recently and they replaced the bearings in the rear wheel along with a new axle. As time was tight the wheel was not fitted to the bike in the shop and done so back at the house. I've had a look at the bike today and the rear axle measures 142mm which is expected, but it pulls the dropouts together severely when tightened, also almost completely locking the rear wheel as well.

Does anyone know the correct rear axle length for this frameset?



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