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Hi, I wasn't sure what forum to add this to, but I have a Shimano R500 wheel which, according to the information from their website, can use a tire up to 28mm. I am planning to use my front road R500 for cyclocross racing (not ideal I know!).

Question, can I put a 30mm tire on this rim if the max suggested is 28mm? Thanks


  • It is very much a trial and error... my advice is to give it a go... order a CX tyre on CRC or Wiggle and return if it doesn't fit.
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  • Take a look at this:

    There's a suggested size table at the bottom of the page. Not set in concrete but is a useful guide.
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    I've run plenty of CX tyres e.g Schwalbe Racing Ralphs successfully on regular 700c rims e.g. Open Pros, Ambrosios - but it does depend on the make of tyre as to whether the bead says put. I've also run a 38mm WTB tyre, but the same size Schwalbe Smart Sam kept popping-off the rim.
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  • Thanks for the responses. I think I will use Michelin Mud 2 30 mm on both the front and back. Anyone used the Michelins? I read mostly positive reviews.

    Actually, would it be a bad idea to have two different tires on the front and the back? My back wheel is a Mavis open sport and can fit a 32 mm tire.
  • Mud 2's are excellent. I've been impressed at how much grip they give in wet or dry - use them for racing and training. Think CRC is cheapest at the moment, but if you find them cheaper then let us know.
    It doesn't get any easier, but I don't appear to be getting any faster.
  • I also have shimano R500's and i am using 35mm conti cyclocross tyres without any problems