Pedals on the wrong way - which way to release?

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Hello all.

I was wondering if someone could help. I just bought a second hand road bike off a friend of a colleague, but have noticed that the pedals are on the wrong sides of the crank! The dude must have used hellish brute force to get them on - he was a pretty beefy builder type :o

After Googling and a forum scan, there isn't really a concise answer other than LBS. A quick logic check would be in order as I know the left thread is reversed, but is that on the pedal or the crank itself? So... to release the R pedal on that is on the L crank, I'd need to turn it...? and to release the L pedal that is on the R crank I'd need to turn it...?

Then I can inspect the damage (and weep).

Thank you!


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    first things first. are you 100% sure they are fitted incorrectly? pics would help. or if you look at the pedal axel there is normally a L and an R staped on the spanner flat or the end of the axel. if there is no letter then the finish by the spanner flat is used to show L and R. the Left has a rough finish and the Right has a smooth finish

    the pedal will have cut new threads in the crank arms so undo for the pedals and then LBS it for some thread inserts to be fitted or new cranks.
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  • Cheers for replying.

    Yes I've checked the pedal axles via the hole in the other side of the crank. Says L on the pedal in the R crank arm and vice versa.
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    quite frankly its new pedals and cranks

    but I think it will be lefty to loosen as he was a builder and does not know about l/h threads
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    Are you actually wanting to change the pedals? If not, you might be best leaving them where they are.
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  • It's pretty impressive that he's managed to get them both on the wrong crank arms! I reckon he must have cross threaded the first one putting it on, realised his mistake and thought 'f**ck it, let's carry on!'. What a numpty!

    As others have said, the threads on the pedals might be ok, but the chainset will be goosed.
  • Maybe the cranks are on the wrong side?
  • mikeabanks wrote:
    Maybe the cranks are on the wrong side?

    what about the chainrings?!
  • Cheers for the replies. Yes the guy must have just submitted to the error and gone all out, and I really dislike the pedals that are on it already so I have to remove!

    Been quoted £25 to remove the old, sort the crank threads and refit my desired pedals and will knock a couple of quid off if I can get the cross threaded ones off myself (strangely generous for Evans). Will try anti clockwising the one on the left crank tonight :)