Winter wheels

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Looking for a pair of clinchers that can be treated badly. Not at all bothered by weight.

Campagnolo khamsin seems most appealing at the moment. Anyone have a pair or the similar cx's?

Should probably mention they can get a new pair for just over £90. Seems excellent.


  • rolf_f
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    They are fine. I have a couple of pairs (one came with the bike and the other pair were swapped out of a virtually new bike and only cost £50!) - been commuting on them for a good 5000 miles or so and they have been excellent. Not a peep from them! Incidentally, I also have a pair of Vento Reactions which normally cost quite a lot more than Khamsins and they really aren't any different - not in any way you'd notice. Khamsins are great value and not so heavy that they kill you!
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  • Beatmaker
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    They are great for a budget wheel. Mine are true as a die and as above, ride as good as much more expensive wheels I have.
  • Thanks guys. Anyone any experience of the cx's? Think the extra seals are much of a bonus?