which training tyre?

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After my continental tyre ripping on my canyon slx, I'm in need of new training tyre, question is which ones..
I spoke to a few bike shops and they recommend Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tyre

On the other hand some cyclists including a former intentional one suggested continental Gator Skin Folding Tyres

Out of these such one?
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  • I've always ridden folding Gatorskins, very tough, good grip but still got a good roll in them. I think they're on offer currently at Wiggle for £21 as well.....
  • In going towards the continental gator skins, but they weigh about 35g more than the Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tyres...still reckon that worth the extra weight?
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    I think Schwalbe Ultremos are a little racey for a 'training' tyre, Gatorskins or the Michelin Krylion carbons (now ProRace 4 Endurance) would be a better bet, especially with winter approaching imo.
  • Having never ridden the Ultremos i can't give a perfect answer. I wouldn't be concerned about 35g though, it's a lot easier to lose that in other areas like the amount of fluid in your bottles and stuff. 35g = 35ml of water remember
  • Gp4000s
  • Basically, GP4000S if you want to train with the feel of racing.

    The new Michelin Pro 4 Endurance if you want to train and have something a little more robust.

    FWIW, I've never had, well, one of those things happen to either tyre, but I've even used the Pro 4 Off Road, and I mean seriously off road.
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  • went ahead and got a pair of conti gato skin folding tyres, i have the GP 4000s allready as stock on the canyon and given the front allready burst i may as well try the gators so can see a direct comparision between them.

    hopefully they wont be too heavy but if they last i dont care as il just get some velo flex racing tyres for my races:)
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