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I'm trying to convert a pair of 27" Ritchey OCR Disc wheels and Michelin Mud2's to tubeless using a Stans cyclocross kit, and getting absolutely nowhere. The basic problem is that whatever I do I can't get the tyres to hold any air to do the initial inflation.

Problems I can see are:
    - although the rim is well within the range specified, the stans rim tape looks too narrow to me, as it’s not even touching the inner side of the rim when fitted. - the tyre is very loose on the wheel.

I’ve tried building the wheel up with progressively more and more layers of tape – currently got 3 layers of stans yellow, a layer of Velox, the original rim strip and the stans rimstrip on. I’ve had the tyre inside out for 24 hours to spread the bead outwards. I’ve tried inflating with a tube first but the tyre bead won’t lock to the rim. I’ve tried removing the valve core. I’ve lubed the tyre and rim to death.

Has anyone gone any more thoughts or direct experience of these rims?
It doesn't get any easier, but I don't appear to be getting any faster.


  • 3 layers of tape, that heavy. Just fit a normal clincher tyre and be done with it. Not all tyre work tubless with all rims. Some require alot of faff to get it to work. Faff is how I describe tubeless, not for me. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • have you watched this?
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    Run tubeless on my MTB and have managed to get them to work everytime, but it took a lot of attempts.

    My suggestions are;

    - remove the original rim strip, it interferes with the stans tape. Which width tape do you have as well? There are two widths that they do.

    - is it a brand new tire? If not then the bead might not be perfect and you are not getting a great seal

    - inflate the tyre on the rim with an inner tube and leave it for 24hrs to get the bead to "match" the rim

    - Use plenty of washing up liquid with a bit of water on the rim when you fit the tire (no tube this time). Inflate with no stans fluid. Ideally remove the valve core and use a track pump as you need air in quickly to get it to seat on the rim. If it doesn't make the crack noise here then I doubt you will ever get it to seal properly as the bead needs to be very very tight on the rim.

    Good luck!
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    A blast of air from that might help.

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