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Next month I need to get my steed fully serviced as it's now a few years old and I CANNOT afford any mechanical excuses for not riding thru the winter. Nor do i want to have a mech moment in the middle of nowhere in the freezing depths of winter :shock:

I also want to fully replace my cables with a fully sealed set from Gore.

I looking at using one of the following shops and wondered if anyone had used them for a service and if they did a good/bad job or any other recommendations?

Sigma Sport (Kingston)
Cycle Surgery (West Hampstead)
On Your Bike (London Bridge)
Evans (Hendon)


  • Hi NWLondoner
    Heres my take on the shops around that area after 7 years of going to them for bits and bobs, service etc.

    Sigma - Never been into
    Cycle Surgery - Brought a bike from them 2008 horrible service and wished I had given my hard earned to any other bike shop
    On yer bike - Great service - fair pricing had too wait a while as they underestimated the length of the service.
    Evans - again great service though time constraints as they send it away for some services and therefore expensive

    Have you tried
    Shorter Rochford Cycles Finchley, great service, nice guys, know their stuff... they never offer a coffee though.
    Bike and Run - East Finchley, Complete service if they are not busy, really knowledgeable and not Patronising.
    Hadron cycles - Islington - really nice shop with Coffee and nice fellas. Good service
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