Alex wheel swop from 8 to 9 speed cassette, possible ?

dragonontheedge Posts: 496
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My mate has a Carrera with a Shimano 2300 8 speed groupset. The wheels are By Alex.

It just so happens that I have The best part of a full Tiagra groupset with 2x9 shifters going spare.

My shifters won't work on his 8 speed block so the obvious solution is to swop out the block to a nine speed.
I know that a 9 speed freehub can be converted to 10 and visa versa but is it possible to do the same with an 8 speed hub.

My friend is doing an L 2 B in two weeks time so I am anxiuos to make sure his bike is up and running and in tip top condition with no niggles before then.

Thanks in advance.

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