noisy fulcrum racing zero wheels

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Can anybody help. Shimano 10 speed cassette. My new racing zeros are great but when freewheeling, the noise that the paws make against the teeth as they pass across is really loud. It's louder than any bike I have had before. I have tried Campag grease as per the Fulcrum manual, TriFlow lube, Pro gold EPX, Finish Line wet lube but none of them make a difference. The ratchet teeth are positioned very close to the hub on Fulcrums so maybe the generated noise is being transferred through the alloy wheel much easier. On my old Mavic wheels the paws are half way along the freehub body and not so close to the wheel hub - quiet as a mouse. Is this the reason??? Thanks.


  • sungod
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    some freehub designs are much louder than others, using heavier/more grease might cause a temporary reduction, but after a while the grease will be squished out of the way and it'll be as loud as ever

    tbh i prefer a louder freehub, simple way to announce your approach to someone ahead or let pedestrians know you are coming
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  • Yup, sounds normal. As above, I quite like a noisy freewheel, but I know it drives some mad.
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  • Yes, they're supposed to be like that - its to let everyone know you've got expensive wheels. Seriously though, I have noticed some more expensive hubs make a lot of noise - not sure why, thats just the way they are.
  • Never noticed the noise on my Zeros seems the same as my Zondas and Rsys wheels Ive used. I have some CKR45 hubs waiting to be built up, I suspect they may be quite loud.
  • If you think fulcrums are load then try hope hubs.

    Plently of quieter hubs out there and they are the only ones I build with. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • its the slacker alarm. only happens when you freewheel, so keep pedaling and the noise will stop!!!

    I like to think of mine (racing 7s) as coming with a free training aid.....
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    A few drops of chain saw bar oil is what you need in there.
    thick enough to deaden the sound but thin enough not to get pushed out the way, like grease.
    a fiver a litre so should last you a few months.