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Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 or Trek 3.5 ?

smoothsmooth Posts: 2
edited August 2012 in Road buying advice

I'm currently trying to decide what new road bike to get..

As my budget is about 2000GBP I think I've narrowed it down to these to aforementioned bikes -- Trek 3.5 vs Focus Izalco Pro 3.0.

I would very much appreciate any comment or advise on the pros and cons pertaining to these bikes (or possibly other models that I ought to (re)consider).



  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    The Izalco offers a much better spec than the Trek for the money.

    I guess you've read this: ... ear-33391/

    So how have you narrowed it down?
  • sid33sid33 Posts: 1
    You have the same short list I had four months ago.
    Local shops had no Treks in stock so I bought the Focus which was a big mistake.I have a paint issue which they will not cover under warranty and the Sram shifting requires constant adjustment,the rep told me they are having some issues with the sram set up.
    I might be unlucky but whatever bike you buy check the paint carefully before you leave the shop.
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